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The Many Meanings of "Volunteer"

When Volunteers of America was founded in 1896, to “volunteer" one's time in service to others was a full-time commitment. Our founders came to call themselves "Volunteers of America" because they volunteered their whole lives to help people in need. This included - not only volunteering their time - but also their hearts, their spirits and their professional careers.

Millions Helped

Today, each year Volunteers of America touches the lives of almost 2 million people in over 400 communities in 46 states and the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico through programs that are staffed by full-time, paid professionals who have adopted this same ideal of service as their full-time mission. However, that does not mean that we do not also depend on an army of modern-day “volunteers" who offer their free time to support our volunteer programs nationwide. In fact, in 2016 more than 65,000 volunteers devoted more than one million hours to hundreds of Volunteers of America programs and activities nationwide – and we can always use more volunteers!


  • volunteers loading a van

    Local Volunteers of America Offices

    Volunteers of America has a number of programs that individuals can volunteer for locally. We have 33 offices covering 46 states and the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. To see volunteer opportunities in your area, please visit the website of the local office in your state.

  • elderly woman with younger woman at an outside dining table

    Senior Living and Care Communities

    Volunteers of America owns and operates over two dozen senior living and care communities throughout the United States. Our communities offer a continuum of services to the elderly and disabled which can always benefit from the support of volunteers.

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    Teens, Join an Action Team!

    Volunteers of America and the Major League Baseball Players Trust have teamed up to encourage high school students to get involved. Youth volunteers, along with Major League baseball players, have formed Action Teams to deliver an important message—volunteering is fun and personally rewarding!


    Volunteering is the perfect way to feel connected to your community.


    Offering your skills and enthusiasm will positively impact the lives of others as well as your own.


    Volunteerism assists in the overall improvement of the quality of life for everyone.


    Volunteering promotes social change.


    Volunteerism fosters relationships and interaction with others.